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The conference will be held in the campus of the Guangxi University.

Address: 100 Daxue Road

Nanning, 530004


Nanning is the capital city as well as the center of politics, economy, culture, education, technology, information and finance of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The city exercises jurisdiction over five districts and two counties. With a total population of 2,945,600, Nanning covers an area or 10,029 square kilometers. On its east there are Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao; on its south there is Beibu Gulf. Nanning is a green city, and is renowned for its green mountains and clear waters, fresh air, beautiful flowers blooming in every season and also for the aroma of melon and fruit around the city. The average temperature in November is around 16–24 ºC. It has good ecological environment and investment environment. The administrative management here is highly efficient and incorruptible. It is an ideal city for investment, trade, meeting, exhibitions, tourism and residence.


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